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Overcoming Self-doubt

What a world we are living in today. The many changes due to pandemic have affected us physically, emotionally and mentally. This is beyond captioning in words along with the struggles, the painful losses, and the unexpected and unpredictable changes. Here we are now, left with many unanswered questions bringing more uncertainties, anxieties, and doubts. Some of us are hopeful but some doubt if and when we can get back to our normal lives. To survive these hard times the fighters in us want to be the best "us," both in health and mental state. In this article, I reflect about self-doubt and how it can prevent us from being the best versions of ourselves. External incidents can make us question ourselves - am I equipped to handle this situation? Internal reflection on our own experiences, goals and dreams can make us question ourselves - is this really possible for me?  In this article I explore important topics about self-doubt What is Self-doubt? The different form