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Keep your tech skills sharp! Practical ways to keep learning tech skills with a busy schedule

Whatever your career may be, improving your tech skills is always a good idea. You will benefit from increasing your marketability and adding greater value to your organization. Among all the benefits, you will be cultivating the habit of learning which is an important skill to keep building no matter what life status you have.  ‘Improvement’ may mean different things to different people. For a business executive who is deciding a career shift to software development, improvement may be mastering the basics of programming. Recreating a simple game is already a significant milestone for them. On the other hand, a web developer looking to widen their expertise may see improvement as learning another front-end framework. One thing that seems to bind such learners is a lack of time for independent study due to the demands of their current career.  We believe that a busy schedule shouldn’t hinder you from pursuing your tech goals! Here are some steps you can take to keep learning tech skill