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4 Paths to Start Learning Programming

Software development has been one of the most in demand jobs for the last years and will continue to be for the next years. A lot of people are joining the revolution on jumping into tech-related jobs whether in trying to shift careers or taking computer-related courses as they move to college. Often, we receive a lot of questions regarding the best path to learn - self-paced online courses or going back to the university or attending a bootcamp. And all of these are valid routes you just need to find out what fits best with how you learn, your capacity and your goal. 1. Taking a computer science or engineering related course in college If you’re entering college and keen to get a software engineering related job, take up courses related to it. You’ve got the obvious ones such as computer science and computer engineering. And then there are the other courses that has programming as part of their curriculum such as electronics engineering, library and information science and many more.

5 Tips for Writing Readable Code

Whether you are an absolute beginner just learning the basics of coding or a seasoned veteran working in huge, legacy codebases, you need to write readable code. 1. Consistently format your code "Code Formatting" means organizing your code, line breaks and spacing in a consistent and meaningful way. Formatting is extremely important because it makes code more readable to humans. And humans are the ones reading & writing code. You are one of those humans and taking the time to format your code properly will start saving you headaches immediately. I have often noticed that the new programmers who neglect to format their code are the most likely to get stuck and encounter bugs they don't understand. When code is indented inconsistently, logic bugs are easy to miss. I strongly recommend using an automatic formatter for your code. Most development environments already know how to format code and everyone should memorize that hotkey by heart. Try it no